Monday, 20 July 2009


New talent seems to be emerging more and more from New York City. I hear the city has recently  become much more wild, fun, creative, exciting and inspiring.....if anything/anyone proves this theory then Tim Hamilton is surely at the top of that list.
 After debuting his first menswear catwalk presentation in Paris, Tim's talent and reputation is travelling across the atlantic and he is firmly placing himself on the international fashion map!

.^.Where did you wake up this morning?.^.
My apt with 3 dogs laying next to me 2 were visiting. 

.^.What projects are exciting you at the moment?.^.
Second season showing womens in paris in oct and some Pimms drinking this summer at the Jane hotel. Best pimms cup in town,

.^.If you could design for any man and any woman who would they be?.^.
Start with myself and circle of friends I guess.

.^.If you could dress in only 3 designers who would it be?.^.
Good question:
Man: Vintage YSL, Comme, and vintage.
Womens; Azzedine Alaia, Vintage Fernado Sanchez, Rudi Gernreich

.^.Who/what is your ultimate inspiration?.^.
Id say upbringing, parents, fabric and time. Oops that’s 3 things.

Are there any new designers, artists, anyone that you think we should be watching out for?
Annas blog!! Not sure if im up to speed with whos coming up or out these days. I have some kick ass interns though.

.^.What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?.^.

White V neck tshirts

.^.If you could have a dinner party with any 4 people, who would they be?.^.

My 2 dogs and they can invite a friend.