Friday, 31 July 2009

desperate for.....

these Topshop Unique thigh high leather sexatron boots......!!

Fred Butler Blogging Collab!

Fred Butler, prop designer, accessories designer, art director, dedicated blogger, am not sure what this girl doesn't do! And to top it all Fred has just been awarded New Gen Sponsorship AGAIN for her range of colourful, creative accessories....
Fred brings colour into the lives and accessories of London fashionistas, and here answers a few questions i put to her....
(To see Fred interview me on her blog - follow this link....
1. Where did you wake up this morning and what was your first thought?

2. What/who is exciting and inspiring you at the moment?

3. Give me one name of the future i should be watching out for?

4. What is your most treasured item of clothing?

5.  What do you love most about doing what you do?

6. Tell us your secret passion we would never expect?

7. Can you tell me three style influences for you?

8. Where do you see yourself at 70 years old?

9. What four people would you like to star in 'Come Dine with me' with?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tank Girl

Just found these photo's by Ellis of my last minute hurried attempt to dress as Tank Girl, for Robbie's 'Diva" night! 
Next time more effort must be made! 

Friday, 24 July 2009

Interview - life of model agent! Julien Miachon @ Models 1

The lovely Julien @ Models1 interviewed me for the Models 1 blog!   
And i thought, what a great oppurtunity to get in the head of a model booker extroardinaire! 

when you scout a new boy or girl, how do you know if they have that 'x factor' to be really successful? 
i think it goes in 3 steps, you find someone and you go: "Wow! amazing!"
then you take a polaroid and it can really go either way, i've scouted people who i thought were amazing in the flesh but didn't photograph well, and other times the other way around... it's weird
then of course you speak to them and realise that people who are gonna make it are the ones with drive and personality, not necesarily crazy but assertive and focused. 

Who has been your biggest model crush? 
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley... i was doing lingerie polaroids of her and i blushed so much i nearly fainted! lol 

and i have a bit of a crush on Matthias Lauridsen... i love his scar in the Dior campaign! 
If you weren't doing this....what would you be doing?  
I ask myself that question quite often actually... i think i'd be a Horse riding instructor, i almost qualified but then decided to come to London for a summer break and never went back home...  

Name one boy and one girl on your agency we should be watching out for? 
There are so many amazing new faces here at the moment, but Sofia Fisher is definitely one to watch on the girl and Sid is no doubt the new boy in town

Whats the weirdest place you ever scouted a model? 
I scouted Elliott Conway in a falafel shop in Soho... he was out with his parents and i had been "out" for a while, really funny conversation... to this day i'm still surprised he turned up the next.

what places/parties in london are hot people hotspots?! 
 Topshop is amazing, Camden is always buzzing with cool kids and Covent Garden of course.

What is your favourite campaign/editorial of all time and why? 
Favourite Campaign... hard one, but has to be Yohji Yamamoto by Nick Knight

Favourite Editorial ever Philip Demarchelier, Linda Evangelista, British Vogue October 1991
If you could snog anyone ever, who would it be? 
Mahatma Gandhi ;) 

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dazed and Pig shoots

Shot this shoot for Pig out is some of the shots i like best - have to buy the mag to see the rest! 

Photographer: Bella Howard
Styling: Anna Trevelyan

Also like this shot we did of Sid Ellisdon @ Models 1 for Dazed, he looks great!
Scouted by "Best boys eye in London - Sherrill S!"

Monday, 20 July 2009


New talent seems to be emerging more and more from New York City. I hear the city has recently  become much more wild, fun, creative, exciting and inspiring.....if anything/anyone proves this theory then Tim Hamilton is surely at the top of that list.
 After debuting his first menswear catwalk presentation in Paris, Tim's talent and reputation is travelling across the atlantic and he is firmly placing himself on the international fashion map!

.^.Where did you wake up this morning?.^.
My apt with 3 dogs laying next to me 2 were visiting. 

.^.What projects are exciting you at the moment?.^.
Second season showing womens in paris in oct and some Pimms drinking this summer at the Jane hotel. Best pimms cup in town,

.^.If you could design for any man and any woman who would they be?.^.
Start with myself and circle of friends I guess.

.^.If you could dress in only 3 designers who would it be?.^.
Good question:
Man: Vintage YSL, Comme, and vintage.
Womens; Azzedine Alaia, Vintage Fernado Sanchez, Rudi Gernreich

.^.Who/what is your ultimate inspiration?.^.
Id say upbringing, parents, fabric and time. Oops that’s 3 things.

Are there any new designers, artists, anyone that you think we should be watching out for?
Annas blog!! Not sure if im up to speed with whos coming up or out these days. I have some kick ass interns though.

.^.What is your most treasured item in your wardrobe?.^.

White V neck tshirts

.^.If you could have a dinner party with any 4 people, who would they be?.^.

My 2 dogs and they can invite a friend.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

backstage with agyness x uniqlo

Backstage with Agnyess Dean shooting Uniqlo sports
Photographer: Dan Jackson
Stylist: Nicola Formichetti

Monday, 13 July 2009

Betsey Johnson Rocks my World

Betsey Johnson is one of my faves! I love her dresses and spent literally 2 hours in her shop last time i was in New York! Probs tried on every dress! 

Now she is collaborating with Opening Ceremony to bring together her archive pieces....for more info see article in this months DAZED and  CONFUSED!!

Heading to NYC pretty soon, so get the feeling betsey will be earning a few dollars from my purse!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Recent life clues

So been super busy recently doing loads of amazing stuff! Annoyingly i cant post any of it on here until it comes out! but soon i'll be allowed to post it! 

So, sorry for the boring post of clues until i can post real thing, but here is general happenings of late!

Got some kittens! 

Went to Glastonbury, had to embrace wellies and give up all ideas of wearing my heels.

Wearing Candyfloss colours of love I danced at Downlow tent with trannies and Kez, while beautiful lady boys in stilettos draped themselves over the windows of the tent

Was utterly entranced by Selfish C**t

Gaga spray painting her Vespa backstage at Glastonbury - wearing the Prada Wellies that i am sooooo jealous of!

Secret Clues to exciting projects!

Sexy ladies, egypt, vampira, galliano, fur coat and no knickers loveliness

My Topshop Unique boots that i can't take off my feet.