Saturday, 28 February 2009

behind le scenes

Sam dressing down.

A Brazilian Angel

some pics from the days when i was a kid that clubbed...

Now i am nowhere near so fun and much more grown up...!


Gay weddings...

Manga Lesbian!

Pre Vauxhall parties...much time ago!

Sexy boys.

Trashy times of love!

My cross gendered knight(ess?) in shining armour.

My Family!

More fruitless snogging of gay boys.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

punky brewster

how did i never see this show before? so random but inspired styling - love the girl with a smoking habit in the pink boiler suit with blue lace gloves!

Pamela anderson x Girls of the playboy mansion

Pamela Anderson - naked birthdays at playboy mansion! love her!

Pam Anderson Nackt für Hugh Hefner - MyVideo

Jaiden rva James...xxxxx

Jaiden rva James presentation at Fashion East Menswear was amazing. Totaly unexpected pieces and such a huge step up from what was already a very directional collection. floral print fabrics, combined with bright coloured pvc and leather fetish/fashion wear! vvvvv impressed...

katie eary - MAN fashion east

Katie Eary presentations - Fashion East Menswear - styled by robbie spencer

Really liked this - thought was creative and original, great set, elegant, patriotic, celebratory and strangely optimistic instead of full of recession vibes and comiseratory (i dont know if that's a word, but it is now) sexy boots.

MAN showcase

I, like everyone else, had been looking forward to MAN showcase all week! And was not dissappointed.

 I thought Christopher Shannon was perfect, styled very well by John Colver, i loved the clothes, the casting and the reminded me of scally boys that i used to run around with up north (well the midlands), racing in their cars listening to happy hardcore and techno! (whether this was the intended reaction or not i don't know!)

James Long - (stylist Brian McMahon) did not dissapoint either - great to see really luxury pieces that so much time and effort went in to...i loved the shredded, layered wool... if i was a man i would definitely being wearing this. I would definitely be wearing this anyway if i could afford it! :)

MAN day - Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton was the first show of the day - styled by Robbie Spencer...i realy enjoyed the show which was set in a tiny little tea house! also loved the hair..

MAN outfit

Hotpants and heels in honour of MAN day!

Nasir MAzhar

We worked for the second season on milliner Nasir Mazhars presentation. It was held in a candlelit chapel in soho and was so beautiful and quite overwhelming...i heard a few editors say it was one of the best shows they saw! yay!

LFW - all the sexy ladies

It was so good to see collections this season that are aware of femininity and of the power and presence of a sexy, confident, slightly slutty, stylish girl!  

Two of my favourites were Pam Hogg and Danielle Scutt...

Pam Hogg - styled by Katie Shillingford, showcased her signature metallic, sexy catsuits,  but also some unexpected gothic pieces from black net, lace and embroidery...leaving little to the imagination! Something only girls like these could pull off - great casting too, Daisy lowe, alice Dellal, Jaime Winston, anouck Lepere, Eliza cummings

Danielle Scutt - sophisticated, proud, sexy - inspired by plumage and pride of cockerels! I love Daniele's girls, and more importantly they love themselves!

Richard Nicholl - i didnt make it to the Richard Nicholl show but everyone is raving about it and its easy to see why - i love these two looks....

Sunday, 22 February 2009

lfw day2 - fun things

bus home at end of looong day...

Sam modelling the luxury tampons(?!) being given away as a gift at Vauxhall fashion scout!

Husband and the colourful sense only! (this is Keko Hainswheeler - super talented designer who you should all be watching out for!)

Shoes at Charles Anastase show were fucking awesome!