Wednesday, 4 February 2009


nearly bought this coat today...but did so much shopping already this week $$$ yikes...should i go back and buy it? hmm....


  1. Of course you should. When you have no money it should always be wasted on things you don't need. Just think you mighht end up living on the streets but you'll look FABULOUS!!!

  2. get it!
    i met margot and she said she bumped into you, that you went shopping to jcdc and got some stuff, cant wait to see it, i think you are sooo jcdc!

  3. but if it's nice and funny and funky, let's face it, jcdc is boring and his success is due to jeremy scott recent fashion has never been that much associated with fun and hype and club kids ..etc so that's mainly why i dont approve his work, too easy and not conceptual enough ! what about tryin junya watanabe instead !! or comme des garçons !? please think about it Anna

  4. ahaha i know normally i dont like the shop at all but this was nice with my hair - anyway bought something else instead! xx