Friday, 6 February 2009

Bastard Batty Bass - the saving grace of the east end

On the first Thursday of every month a mass exhalation of relief can be heard across London....Bastard Batty Bass comes to The Star on Bethnal Green Road.
Finally something fun, exciting, fresh and different to remind us whats so special about East London's nightlife....(something thats seemingly fading away)

Batty Bass' creative director Alex Noble modelling one of his designs for the Batty Bass clothing label...available from Kokon Tozai or the website

"Born out of London, the brainchild of Hannah Holland and Mama shamone, Bastard Batty Bass is a genre mashing culture clash that hits you in your sweet personals, with the digusting amount of dirty bass found i the twisted licks of batty beats and live performances by THE THREE WISE BATTY BITCHES"

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