Monday, 29 June 2009

Jiggly puff and pikachou

what i have been doing the past 10 days

Well been very busy since last post - cant post everything ive been doing yet, but here is a little taste.
Been working a bit with Nicola and Lady Gaga....
Here she is in front of a huge crowd at Glastonbury!

Gary Card made her this amazing keytar! But we just found out it was the only one in the world and worth $1 million dollars!

Here Gaga is wearing Atsuko Kudo latex.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Looking for young London based Designers

Hey all, i want to find new designers based in London, not necessarily graduates but people just doing something crazy and exciting....could be good opputrunities for you....please get in touch with me on here with your email address and links, and i'll send you my email! 

Fashion LOVE!

Illustration by my talented friend Raffael Ascione (Lello)

fab nails

Just wanted to upload this pic of my fab gold nails i got done for my bday....done by the amazing Teresa @ Jed Root - i want them to last forever! sigh....

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Keko Hainswheeler

In the upcoming issue of Dazed is interview and portrait of my friend Keko Hainswheeler young designer extroardinaire, while we were shooting Keko, Neil took these pics of us.

Anyway was just uploading them when thought i would do quickfire questions over phone with Keko, so i called him at midnight to find out the answers to the following burning questions....

no.1 style icon  -  my aunty mac
no.1 designer  -  manish arora
no.1 crush  -  John Leguizamo
no.1 food  -  chickpeas
no.1 movie  -  the goonies
no.1 musician  - kate bush 
no.1 item of clothing  -  belt i had since i was 16
no.1 animal  -  chinese crested dog
no.1 creation of yours  -  jacket commissioned for vogue homme japan
no.1 smell  -  smell of vinyl records being sanded

Will do proper interview with him soon! Enjoy and buy Dazed this month to find out more about Keko!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Blogging Collab secret clue

Exciting Blogging collaboration happening v soon with this lovely lady of style.....

New Designers to watch out for

My favourite new designers to be keeping an eye out for!

Yvonne Lau

Yile Huang

Solene Fabios

Holly Fox Lee

Dean Quinn

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Soundclash I-Pod Battle last night

So was meant to be djing at Soundclash last night! Had a very fun but shortlived night...didnt even get chance to dj! We were on a team of Me, Nova Dando, Henry Holland, Myles and Nasir Mazhar! was very funny and we had lots of SEXY songs lined up but nfortunately half our tem got thrown out for no apparent reason and we had to forfeit

wish i could of stayed as heard was lots of fun, well done to GIRLCORE! for winning! yay!

....some fun pics below


Kez getting thrown out (for dancing to madness! outrageous!)

Me and Nova

the team!!

Me and Mr Holland

Our sexy mascot

Friday, 5 June 2009

Brett Lloyd Interview

Brett Lloyd is an exciting young London based photographer, whose work is getting international notice by many fashion industry insiders. In my opinion he is definitely doing something new, wholly worthy of recognition and has a very original viewpoint. You can really feel his attitude and energy coming across in his work. Here Brett explains a bit behind his work, what he loves about boys AND girls and tells us about his new poster book soon to be released....

(Many apologies for the slowness, multiple clips and technical difficulties you will notice, i promise one day soon i will learn how to do this much better, but actually i quite like the dodgy DIY element!!)


Monday, 1 June 2009

some things that are currently or eternally inspiring me

These are some things that are filling my brain at the moment...