Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New House of Holland things...

Went to lovely Henry's pre-order evening yesterday....drinks, friends and fashion yay!

Margot looking glam in furry headpiece.

Nearly bought these....

but decided i have enough shoes and not enough money so bought this instead...can't wait to get it in August!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

new tattoo - ow!

my brothers birth date ahh....have few more but won't post on here.
This one made my spine feel weird!

Monday, 23 March 2009

you are everything and everything is you.

Red shoes.....what is it about them? I know i am not the only girl who goes weak at the knees for a pair of shiny red heels.

I wonder if it's a sexual thing? Admittedly i get a bit turned on slipping my foot into a perfectly fitting size 37, super high heel, buckling up the red and gold straps round my ankles, trotting around london a few inches taller, feeling that few inches sexier! Yet my mum tells me that as a toddler i refused to wear shoes of any other inferior colour...
Maybe its a hope that if i click my heels together 3 times i will be whisked off somewhere in a tornado of magic....

Or maybe its simply that red is the best colour.

These are my favourite - an old pair of Vivienne Westwoods that are a bit battered now due to dancing all night at many a rave - but still so beautiful in my eyes.

Wondering what i would heart more - new red shoes or new skinny hot young boy? I think i'll have both please!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Nicola x Brett x Jethro

Nicola (my boss and fashion stylist extroardinaire) and Brett Lloyd (amazing photographer who i love) shot Jethro Cave.

Here is some backstage pics of shoot... 

lovely Nina and me

Lots of laughing

Sexy Brett

Jethro looking sharp

first day of sunshine all year! yay!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

supermarket smugness

is it just me that is nosey over other people's shopping at Tesco, and gets really happy when my food choice looks so much healthier than everyone else's?

this is a bit silly of me

some disposable moments.....

Getting snap happy with my kodak disposable

Black Lipstick at lunch with Tamara

A very delicious italian lunch with a very beautiful italian boy

eating sushi and talking about boys before partaking in some mildly criminal activity

perfect nail, t-shirt, drink colour co-ordination

smoking, shooting dogs

some basement in dalston last week, i like that it was so loud and some people are asleep in bed!

random street band cause improptu party on kingsland road at 2am last Saturday

french boys

Myles skateboarding on Avenue de L'Opera - you'll have to take my word for it

Getting drunk on expensive stolen champagne in a parisien bus stop

Possibly the greatest and most eternal love of my life....

....gets me hot under the collar, breatheless, flustered, lost for words! I have definitely lost my heart to more pairs of shoes than i have to boys...(just!)..

Here are some shoes that i feel would greatly improve my life and sense of fulfillment....just in case anyone was feeling generous!

AniMal PRinT
Ashish AW09 - designed by Topshop, mixed animal print platformed wedges...so good!

Dolce wedges - Aw09

Dior AW09

What is it about Red High Heels that gets me all in a fluster and unable to think about anything else other than that i must have these shoes?! 
I have the most amazing pair of Red Patent studded Vivienne Westwoods that i literally couldn't think or talk about anything else until they had them! maybe its a childhood thing!

Dior and Galliano AW09

Going Gaga for Galliano!!

Gucci boots from 2 seasons ago that i STILL WANT! Am going to get them very soon!

McQueen AW09

Oh my God - Rodarte AW09 - making my heart flutter a thousand times faster to think about owning these! 

Louboutin Marie Antoinettes - mmm.....would like to eat french fancies in these!

Louboutins SS09

Sunday, 15 March 2009

prince of cats

Is it just me or is this film still amazing?
what is depressing though is that it was made 13 years ago and i was still old enough to have a MEGA crush on Tybalt
further to that, my crush still remains endlessly for crazy dark boys with a taste for trouble! sigh...:) 

fun in the sun

Finally the sun came out to play, and so did i with one of my favourite boys Pelayo. 

Today i am happy, i did some springtime matchmaking and also street cast the most amazing boy for a shoot this week. Plus hanging out with an old friend AND eating half an easter egg! oops! lots of achievements!


Some polaroids from a mini shoot in my back garden....some scary squatters from next door were throwing stuff at us after i tried to break into their squat! (not realising there was anyone living there!)

Obama Lipstick dollars

Obama dollars being thrown away at JCDC show....all the girls LOVE barack!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A shaded view on fashion! yay

Yay i made it on to Diane Pernet's blog! cool xx


Message of Love to BLOW


Pretty incredible, revolutionary, progressive, beautiful (of course i'm biased) and full of boys!