Monday, 23 March 2009

you are everything and everything is you.

Red shoes.....what is it about them? I know i am not the only girl who goes weak at the knees for a pair of shiny red heels.

I wonder if it's a sexual thing? Admittedly i get a bit turned on slipping my foot into a perfectly fitting size 37, super high heel, buckling up the red and gold straps round my ankles, trotting around london a few inches taller, feeling that few inches sexier! Yet my mum tells me that as a toddler i refused to wear shoes of any other inferior colour...
Maybe its a hope that if i click my heels together 3 times i will be whisked off somewhere in a tornado of magic....

Or maybe its simply that red is the best colour.

These are my favourite - an old pair of Vivienne Westwoods that are a bit battered now due to dancing all night at many a rave - but still so beautiful in my eyes.

Wondering what i would heart more - new red shoes or new skinny hot young boy? I think i'll have both please!

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