Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Possibly the greatest and most eternal love of my life....

....gets me hot under the collar, breatheless, flustered, lost for words! I have definitely lost my heart to more pairs of shoes than i have to boys...(just!)..

Here are some shoes that i feel would greatly improve my life and sense of fulfillment....just in case anyone was feeling generous!

AniMal PRinT
Ashish AW09 - designed by Topshop, mixed animal print platformed wedges...so good!

Dolce wedges - Aw09

Dior AW09

What is it about Red High Heels that gets me all in a fluster and unable to think about anything else other than that i must have these shoes?! 
I have the most amazing pair of Red Patent studded Vivienne Westwoods that i literally couldn't think or talk about anything else until they had them! maybe its a childhood thing!

Dior and Galliano AW09

Going Gaga for Galliano!!

Gucci boots from 2 seasons ago that i STILL WANT! Am going to get them very soon!

McQueen AW09

Oh my God - Rodarte AW09 - making my heart flutter a thousand times faster to think about owning these! 

Louboutin Marie Antoinettes - mmm.....would like to eat french fancies in these!

Louboutins SS09

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  1. Wow! those John Galliano shoes are so amazing, so you!
    i can totally see you wearing them, go for it babes


    got goss!