Friday, 26 February 2010

Jaiden Rva James - the third sexual revolution

For AW10 Jaiden James and Rasharn Agyemang set out to break boundaries, shock, and disgust. I have no doubt they succeeded. However i am sure that many a fashion lover are reveling in their disgust, and smiling in their shock. A dark, theatrical and definitely overtly sexual show showcased a new world of menswear. Diverting your thoughts from the dark depravity of their catwalk, and looking at the actual clothing, you will see a very well designed and superbly made menswear collection. A luxury brand developing with creativity, youth and energy but essentially wearable and highly desirable pieces. I can see this collection flying off the shelves for AW, by men and women alike.

I LOVE working with Jaiden and Rasharn. New Generation, talented entrepeneurs they are, Design, styling, writing and now magazine editing (check out their new magazine RE-BEL) i am hoping they will inspire everyone around them to be creative and work hard in any and every way that they can. They certainly inspire me. 

Photography- Saga Sigurdardottir
Styling - Anna Trevelyan
make up - Ayami Nishimura @ Julian Watson
hair - Chi Wong @ Jedroot

Sunday, 21 February 2010

inspirational week part 3

Fashion week yesterday

Was so gutted to miss Nasir Mazhar, but looks like as usual he did not dissapoint! The man is a genius! This is my personal favourite! 
Went to presentation stall of one of my favourite brands KTZ. I love these guys! I own so much stuff of theirs and buy from them every season. They have such a cult following here in London and am sure they will only get bigger....

I got my eye on these AMAZING wedges! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!

Also will definitely be trying this dress on for size! 
J Maskrey ended the day with a beautiful sparkly show, and all millinery done by the lovely Piers Atkinson...

The wonderful Pandemonia with her dog snowy

Amazing knitwear by Yang Du! I want one!! 

Also clearly i will be purchasing this Angel Jackson gun holster belt. Perfect to hold blackberry! Genius!

Lovely to see Little Shilpa presentation, am quite a fan!

Probably the most inspirational part of the day....Johnny and his House of Blue Eyes. Johnny staged a revolution and love show....Fantastic butterfly make up by ALex Box, happy hippy love-in......I walked away smiling and feeling the love!

Later Johnny and his angels of light staged a rainbow revolution march through soho dedicated to Lee McQueen....

I think Johnny is an absolute diamond, genius, and his love revolution is just what we need!

Inspirational week part 2

on Friday morning i styled Charlie Le Mindu. Really enjoyed myself doing this, what a fun morning and exactly why London is loved for its eccentric designers!

All Photography by the wonderful Saga Sigurdardottir

So this morning, having got back from working on the Lady Gaga (who happens to be a big Charlie le Mindu fan) tour at 4am I was up an hour later to start work on styling the first show of fashion week - Charlie Le Mindu.  Anyone hoping to be eased gently into the onslaught of London shows would have been sorely disappointed. 

Charlie presented today his collection which we have been working on together for the past couple of weeks. To me when I saw the sketches and designs it brought to mind an eccentric but chic french lady, out to steal somebody's rich husband at a gothic funeral in Paris. A bit jumbled perhaps, but I think this made for a successful show today. In amongst his A/W 10-11 collection of gigantic diamante cross's, huge black roses flourishing out of his teenage trademark stripey hair, and faberge hair eggs perched on top of the head - his hair bags and jewellery were tres chic, and very desirable. I intend to be carrying mine all fashion week.

Charlie is of the type of person I admire most, and the type of person that we in London are lucky to have so many of. He is unafraid, unique in his vision, he is slightly mad and he is quite genius. C'est fantastique non?

inspirational week part 1

Oh my, what a mad but inspirational week i've had! (not over yet). Thursday night was the first night of Gaga Monster ball tour! We have been working on this for a very long time, so to see it all come together finally was amazing - if a little emotional! 

Made me very happy to watch everyone of all ages in the audience making so much effort with their outfits and to see how happy everyone was to be there! 


Thursday, 11 February 2010

oh by the way

have you seen The Fall? Its very beautiful

Monday, 8 February 2010

i am a rubbish blogger

This is mainly because i work all the time. (not complaining, <3>

anyway here are some things i liked recently...

Bella's customised Christopher Kane for topshop boots!

Shiny things!!

Drinking apple juice with red lipstick

Perfect shade of green tights and perfect Prada shoes


These women were wearing matching pvc tracksuits in all seriousness! but they were so glam!

on New years our house was turned into a silver, and neon spaceship! amazing!!