Friday, 26 February 2010

Jaiden Rva James - the third sexual revolution

For AW10 Jaiden James and Rasharn Agyemang set out to break boundaries, shock, and disgust. I have no doubt they succeeded. However i am sure that many a fashion lover are reveling in their disgust, and smiling in their shock. A dark, theatrical and definitely overtly sexual show showcased a new world of menswear. Diverting your thoughts from the dark depravity of their catwalk, and looking at the actual clothing, you will see a very well designed and superbly made menswear collection. A luxury brand developing with creativity, youth and energy but essentially wearable and highly desirable pieces. I can see this collection flying off the shelves for AW, by men and women alike.

I LOVE working with Jaiden and Rasharn. New Generation, talented entrepeneurs they are, Design, styling, writing and now magazine editing (check out their new magazine RE-BEL) i am hoping they will inspire everyone around them to be creative and work hard in any and every way that they can. They certainly inspire me. 

Photography- Saga Sigurdardottir
Styling - Anna Trevelyan
make up - Ayami Nishimura @ Julian Watson
hair - Chi Wong @ Jedroot


  1. MMh, the shoes in the 4th pic are absolute fab, you have impeccable styling.