Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Soundclash I-Pod Battle last night

So was meant to be djing at Soundclash last night! Had a very fun but shortlived night...didnt even get chance to dj! We were on a team of Me, Nova Dando, Henry Holland, Myles and Nasir Mazhar! was very funny and we had lots of SEXY songs lined up but nfortunately half our tem got thrown out for no apparent reason and we had to forfeit

wish i could of stayed as heard was lots of fun, well done to GIRLCORE! for winning! yay!

....some fun pics below


Kez getting thrown out (for dancing to madness! outrageous!)

Me and Nova

the team!!

Me and Mr Holland

Our sexy mascot


  1. I miss London so much! I can't wait to be there again! Unfortunately I have to wait till almost the end of July.
    I'll have to ask you for the best events!
    Lucy =)

  2. Haha, best ever picture of KEZ!!!!

  3. Those bouncers were so unnecessary violent. I m so sorry love. I tried a lot but they wouldnt hear anything. photos of you and your man look amazing, there are more on here:
    See you again xxx