Monday, 6 July 2009

Recent life clues

So been super busy recently doing loads of amazing stuff! Annoyingly i cant post any of it on here until it comes out! but soon i'll be allowed to post it! 

So, sorry for the boring post of clues until i can post real thing, but here is general happenings of late!

Got some kittens! 

Went to Glastonbury, had to embrace wellies and give up all ideas of wearing my heels.

Wearing Candyfloss colours of love I danced at Downlow tent with trannies and Kez, while beautiful lady boys in stilettos draped themselves over the windows of the tent

Was utterly entranced by Selfish C**t

Gaga spray painting her Vespa backstage at Glastonbury - wearing the Prada Wellies that i am sooooo jealous of!

Secret Clues to exciting projects!

Sexy ladies, egypt, vampira, galliano, fur coat and no knickers loveliness

My Topshop Unique boots that i can't take off my feet.


  1. omg your unique boots looks HOOOOOOOOOT

  2. amaaaaaaaaazing heels both unique and the golden ones ! look forward to see your new stuff, the inspiration pic look amazing :) xoxo