Friday, 24 July 2009

Interview - life of model agent! Julien Miachon @ Models 1

The lovely Julien @ Models1 interviewed me for the Models 1 blog!   
And i thought, what a great oppurtunity to get in the head of a model booker extroardinaire! 

when you scout a new boy or girl, how do you know if they have that 'x factor' to be really successful? 
i think it goes in 3 steps, you find someone and you go: "Wow! amazing!"
then you take a polaroid and it can really go either way, i've scouted people who i thought were amazing in the flesh but didn't photograph well, and other times the other way around... it's weird
then of course you speak to them and realise that people who are gonna make it are the ones with drive and personality, not necesarily crazy but assertive and focused. 

Who has been your biggest model crush? 
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley... i was doing lingerie polaroids of her and i blushed so much i nearly fainted! lol 

and i have a bit of a crush on Matthias Lauridsen... i love his scar in the Dior campaign! 
If you weren't doing this....what would you be doing?  
I ask myself that question quite often actually... i think i'd be a Horse riding instructor, i almost qualified but then decided to come to London for a summer break and never went back home...  

Name one boy and one girl on your agency we should be watching out for? 
There are so many amazing new faces here at the moment, but Sofia Fisher is definitely one to watch on the girl and Sid is no doubt the new boy in town

Whats the weirdest place you ever scouted a model? 
I scouted Elliott Conway in a falafel shop in Soho... he was out with his parents and i had been "out" for a while, really funny conversation... to this day i'm still surprised he turned up the next.

what places/parties in london are hot people hotspots?! 
 Topshop is amazing, Camden is always buzzing with cool kids and Covent Garden of course.

What is your favourite campaign/editorial of all time and why? 
Favourite Campaign... hard one, but has to be Yohji Yamamoto by Nick Knight

Favourite Editorial ever Philip Demarchelier, Linda Evangelista, British Vogue October 1991
If you could snog anyone ever, who would it be? 
Mahatma Gandhi ;) 

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