Sunday, 26 December 2010

vice interview

my friend the lovely Sam vouters interviewed me for vice style -

here is the beginning so sweet!

click link below to read the rest

My buddy Anna Trevelyan is hot shit. We met when she started assisting big deal, as in creative director of Uniqlo, Thierry Mugler and Vogue Homme Japan and Lady Gaga's stylist, big deal guy Nicola Formichetti. I'd already been assisting him for a few months and we had a lot of fun flying round the world doing cool stuff, though naturally he had more fun because we were the assistants.

Anna's one of those fashion editors who's as much of an art director as she is a stylist, the sort capable of doing more than combining clothes in mildly novel ways. Looking at the evidence, we'd say she's gonna be the sort who, likeRay Petri, Simon Foxton, Katie Grand or indeed Anna's boss Nicola Formichetti did before her, goes on to define a whole new style.

She mixes mad inhuman accessories, manga-ish and hip-hop references into a swirly highly sexualized rather than cute whole. One of the magazines you can see her work in is Untitled #0, the mag she's the fashion director of. Also, although like everyone in fashion claims a place in Lady Gaga's affections, Anna works with her boss Nicola on a lot of Gaga's looks.

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  1. ahhh i read this one vice. awsuuum stuff.
    loving the green wigs on those black girls. proper suits their complexion! !! x x x