Saturday, 12 December 2009

LE Semaine de Gaga

So had a whirlwind Gaga week last week! Jingle Bell, X Factor and Royal Variety - here some blackberry snaps.

Me and Gaga on stage at Royal Variety - i played crucial role of dress picker upper! 

Gaga being hoisted up 15ft wearing beautiful rubber dress by Atsuko Kudo

Blackpool tower! Remind me again why the Royal Variety was in Blackpool?
Gareth adjusting Gaga pre-performance in the bathtub on x factor
Can't believe how high def my bb is! This was finale of Jingle Bell Ball
I like this pic


  1. Biggest Bathtub Ever!

  2. Lovely blog! Lady Gaga is amazing!

  3. wow that last picture is stunning! which blackberry do you have?