Friday, 1 May 2009

a lesson in cake

One fine evening in Hackney, my lovely friend Jo and i had sudden craving for make your own cakes. Specifically Jo had choc cravings after watching Dr.Oetker ads on tv (the power of advertising) anyway i am sure you will all be interested to see it documented step by step? (maybe)

1. go to tesco and buy a box of cake mix, and maybe some other things like juice

2. Pour cake mix in bowl and crack egg in bowl

3. Pour in 300ml of water (whatever you guess that to be - not half a saucepan as jo thought!)

4. Realise you don't know what you're doing and think it a good idea to read instructions

5. Be creative, wild, original and inventive and add nutella to the mix

6. Pour hundreds and thousands into the mix in a sexy manner

7. With a big smile at all times, put the cake mix evenly into cake holders

8. Realise mixture still bit lumpy and give a good stir

9. Put cakes in oven, be careful not to open oven door with your face too near, Phew!

10. whilst waiting to cook, lick spoons.

11. lick the bowl and get chocolate on your nose

12. Remove from oven after 12-16 mins and decorate with hundreds and thousands, or decoration of your choice

14. Put more hundreds and Thousands on because they are pretty and it is fun to shake them everywhere

15. mmm cakes are ready and delicious

16. Serve them to your husband like a good wife!

17. Eat one cake and feel sick from chocolate overdose, vow never to eat chocolate again.

I hope you have all learnt a valuable lesson in cake


  1. I suck at cooking....
    I just wanted to say that I added you in my "blog roll" section, I hope you don't mind!

  2. Cake is good! In fact it's the only thing I can 'cook'...