Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Black lips, Barbie and Babes

yesterday was fun

After work Sam decided to experiment with current trend for Black Lips - he created contemporary Klaus Nomi. Later on i believe he created Violet and called it Blorange, but thats another story.

i LOVE this Moschino window on Conduit Street

Delicious looking cake at Barbie party

Mandi Lennard with pink hair at Barbie party - so pro pink hair!

Me with sexy pink car outside Barbie....I got called Lily Allen again!!! so random!

Tom with his 1971 blonde Barbie!

Then onto UT Uniqlo party with cocktails and vintage arcade games! We heart uniqlo...

Jaiden modelling the nicola x uniqlo Tee.... 

On the bridge after party and before sushi... pelayo, ella, taka, nell, jaiden and rasharn

What fun!